Budget vs. Actual Costs

Sweet Girl's Ransom Budget
updated through 5/29/1
Budget Actual Paid Out
Pre-Home Study:
Agency application fee        250.00        250.00 March
RR FSP Fees        250.00        275.00 March
       500.00        525.00
Home Study:
Home Study fee     1,500.00     1,700.00 March
Medicals        235.00 March
Background check          42.00 March
Home walkthrough supplies          30.00 April
Adoption Education          45.00 March
    1,500.00     2,052.00
Apostilles        150.00        310.00 April
Fex Ex & Postage          88.10 April
USCIS        890.00        890.00 May
Fingerprints          40.00 April
FBI          72.00 May
NC Background          56.00 May
Agency Fee     8,000.00     8,000.00 May
    9,040.00     9,456.10
1st Trip:
Visa        810.00        810.00           June
Plane     3800.00
Lodging     1,600.00
Food        600.00
Transportation        881.00
    7,691.00                -  
Court Dossier:
Agency Fee   15,500.00
Apostilles        150.00
  15,650.00                -  
2nd Trip:
Visa        192.00
Plane     2,400.00
Lodging     1,960.00
Food        600.00
Parent Physicals        600.00
    5,752.00                -  
3rd Trip:
Visa        192.00
Plane     2,400.00
Lodging        600.00
Food        200.00
    3,392.00                -  
4th Trip:
Visa        192.00
Plane     3,600.00
Lodging     1,600.00
Food        600.00
Sweet Girl's Visa        380.00
Sweet Girl's Medical        125.00
    6,497.00                -  
Total:   50,022.00   12,033.10


  1. My wonderful, passionate, loving, accountant daughter!

  2. Jessica, I am overwhelmed with happiness after reading your story. Due to a very busy travel schedule and a very full inbox, I am just now getting the chance to read all about your heart's roller coaster ride and am SO TEARFULLY EXCITED to see that you and Rob were able to accomplish such an emotionally and financially draining feat!!! Getting the chance to read your story from the "she's the one" beginning to the "she's home" triumphant US landing has literally made me weep with joy for you and your amazing family. Unfortunately, it looks as though I missed the opportunity to make an online donation to help with the costs of bringing Callie home, as the donation website appears to no longer be active. Could you please post a reply regarding the best way to send the Gorrell family a "Merry First Christmas Together" gift? I can't think of a better cause. Jessica, not only did you hear God, but you listened...and more importantly, you were brave enough to do what he asked of you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all!

    1. I'm sorry that Blogger isn't letting me know who you are! I'm overwhelmed with gratitude though that you are inspired by our family! We have been blessed with so many financial gifts during this process, that my greatest wish is to pay it forward. Another child that has been layed on my heart is a little boy named Hudson. I had the privilege of naming him on the website and have grown close to his soon to be family. Here's their donation link: http://reecesrainbow.org/38638/sponsorlewis-2. Or, you can donate to the works that Reece's Rainbow does on their site: http://reecesrainbow.org/. Without that website and the work of their hundreds of advocates, we wouldn't have found our sweet girl, or have her little light in our lives.

  3. Thank you for pointing me to another amazing family, Jessica. I have made a donation to help bring Hudson home. Your desire to "pay it forward" continues to speak volumes about your generous character. I truly wish there were more families out there like yours. Merry Christmas and God Bless!


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