Monday, June 4, 2012


Here's what you've been waiting for with great anticipation! The GIVEAWAY!

IMPORTANT! This GIVEAWAY will be for FIVE DAYS ONLY! It will end at midnight on June 8th!

(see rules below for what to put in your comment)

Here how it works...

  • Post on your blog about the giveaway and include a link to this post. = 1 entry
  • Share on Facebook by linking to this blog post = 1 entry
  • Follow our Blog with a public Blogger profile = 1 entry
  • Donate to our Chip In, Reece's Rainbow Family Fund, or mail us a check. 
$5 = 1 entry
$10 = 3 entries
$50 = 20 entries plus a free T-Shirt
(see rules below for what to put in your comment)

(I had to save space, so to see pictures of the prizes and for extended descriptions, click here.)

1. iPad - 3rd Gen -  $499
2. Coach Soho Leather Tote -  $250
3. Kindle Fire or $150 Amazon GC -  $199/150
4. Reece's Rainbow Donation - $50
5. Reece's Rainbow Donation -  $50
6. Reece's Rainbow Donation - $50
7. Outback $50 GC
8. $50 Credit at 
9. Handpainted Lace Serving Platter by - $36
10. Ruby Tuesday $35 GC
11. Custom Letter Washer Art - $35
12. Custom Letter Washer Art - $35
13. Haircut by Dara at Forty Volume Studio in Winston-Salem (LOCAL) - $35
14. L.L. Bean Patchwork Madras Tote - Mariner Blue, Size Large  - $35
15. Turquoise and Black Handmade Beaded Necklace and Earrings - $34
16. 2 Perfect Place Settings from the - $33
17. Custom Painted Splash Canvas -  $30
18. Handmade Reversible Hair Bands  - $27
19. PF Chang's $25 GC
20. Sears $25 GC
21. Target $25 GC
22. GratitudeTheme Bowl and Plate Set - $25
23. The Nest's Navy Clutch - $24
24. Melted Wine Bottle Cheese Plate by - $22
25. Handmade Pacifier Clips -  $21
26. Eat, Drink, Be Merry Canvas Set - $21
27. Peace, Hope, Joy Canvas Set - $21
28. Ruby Tuesday $20 GC
29. 1 Perfect Place Setting from the - $17
30. Best Buy $15 GC
31. Selah Massage $15 GC in Winston-Salem (LOCAL) 
32. Selah Massage $15 GC in Winston-Salem (LOCAL) 
33. Gratitude Square Platter -  $15
34. Custom Initial Monogram Canvas - $15
35. Custom Initial Monogram Canvas - $15
36. Set of Two Custom Monogram Coffee Mugs - $15
37. Set of Two Custom Monogram Coffee Mugs - $15
38. Handstamped Copper Love Necklace - $15
39. Handstamped Copper Love Necklace - $15
40. Monogram Beer Mug - $14
41. Monogram Beer Mug - $14
42. Handmade Hot Pads - 2 handmade hot pads in flower shape - $13
43. Handmade Alphabet Crayons - $12
44. Handmade Alphabet Crayons - $12
45. Monogrammed Soap Dish - $12
46. Monogrammed Soap Dish - $12
47. Outback $10 GC
48. ABC Canvas - $10
49. Strawberry Hair Clips - $8
50. Handmade Zippered Pouch - $8

  • You must comment on this blog post with what you have done to enter, your email address and whether you'd like your comment to be visible to others or not. If you have shared on facebook, please leave your facebook name. If you have shared on your blog, please leave a link to the post. i.e., "I donated $50, shared on Facebook (Bon Ding) and on my blog (". I will then maintain a spreadsheet with this information and your entry numbers. If you would like your entry numbers after you enter, email me at 
  • YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO WIN MORE THAN ONE PRIZE. This means that if you donate $5000 and have 2000 entries, you might win them all. 
  • The contest will end at midnight on 6/8/12. will be used to pick the winners from all the entries.  I will then announce all the winners. The first 5 winners will be contacted via email and given choice, in order winner, of the prize they want from the prizes remaining. If you do not contact me within 24 hours of email, you will be assigned a prize based on the order they are listed in the prizes listing. For example, if Bon is the 1st winner, he can select any prize. If he picks the Coach bag, and Jan is 2nd, she can pick from any prize remaining except the Coach bag. If Bon does not respond within 24 hours, he would automatically win the iPad. The remaining 45 prizes will be given in order of winner based on and remaining prizes listing. 
  • If you do not reply to me within 72 hours to tell me where to ship your prize, I will assume that you choose not to accept your prize and the prize will be sold to fund Sweet Girl's adoption fund. 
  • If you donate $50 or more, you will receive a free t-shirt. These shirts are shown above. Sizes are YOUTH S,M,L and ADULT S,M,L,XL. There are a limited number of each size available and I will do my best to accommodate your size, but sizes are on a first come first served basis. There are only 50 shirts available. Shirts will ship approx 6/15/12.
  • If we do not raise enough money to cover the cost of the prizes we are buying out of pocket, we reserve the right to remove prizes from the prize list. (we will purchase prizes 1-6). 
  • To donate to our chip in, click the red chip in box on the right sidebar and login using your Paypal. These donations are not tax-deductible for you, but are most easily accessed by us for our adoption expenses. To donate to our Reece's Rainbow Family Fund, click the Reece's Rainbow donate button on the right sidebar to be redirected to Paypal. These donations are tax deductible and you will be emailed a receipt for tax purposes. To save Paypal fees, you can also mail us or Reece's Rainbow a check. Contact me for the mailing address for both. If you mail a check and win, I will wait for the check to clear before mailing you a prize or t-shirt. 

I know I don't have to remind you again, but without your help, this Sweet Girl will have to spend unnecessary days in an orphanage without a family, decent food, or proper medical care. 


  1. I've emailed it to my friends and I'll share on facebook as well. What a wonderful thing it is to share your love and family with a little girl who needs one.

  2. I shared this on facebook, I added this to my google community and I made a $50 domation. I think this is a wonderful thing you guys are doing and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your "Sweet Girl".

    Susan Hensley for facebook for donation for gmail

    Crazy how we have so many accounts everywhere!!!

  3. $100! Could I please have 1 youth small and 1 adult large shirt? I'll message you my mailing address.

    Awesome prizes, btw!!

  4. I shared on Facebook (Lesli Mills Moore)! I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait for sweet girl to come home :)

  5. I shared on facebook (Cameron Paschall) and donated $20. Good luck, she is beautiful!
    e-mail cedillin[at]uncg[dot]edu

  6. Can't wait for the sweetie to come home! I've posted on FB - Priya Roberts and added it to my google community and same with msn community and I emailed all my contacts.

    Susan, you are so right! WA-ay too many accounts!

  7. I posted on facebook, emailed, and donated 25. Hope this helps for now. Love you!

  8. $20 to FSP and shared on facebook (tanna smith)

  9. I donated $20 via ChipIn. Good luck!

  10. Minus the gas money to get the check to your house....our donation was close to an entry :)

  11. I posted to my Facebook timeline, sent out approx 120 emails and chipped in. I sure hope the word gets out very well. You know my e-mail - G- Ma Paulina( as I will be known by "Sweet Girl)

  12. What's the difference between chipped in and the one below it? I chipped in:)

    1. The Chip In goes right to our Adoption Fund. The FSP (Family Sponsorship Page) goes to Reece's Rainbow. Reece's Rainbow makes those funds available to us on an as needed basis. Reece's Rainbow contributions are tax-deductible. If you don't want the deduction, I'd prefer the Chip In, but either way, it all goes to Sweet Girl. :)

  13. Hi Jessica! Love this story, and really looking forward to seeing the process. I shared on FB (Laura Arndt), donated $50, and started following here. Wish I had seen the difference in the Chip In and RR before I donated, but it went to the RR account. Best of luck raising funds!

    1. I'm sure the CPA in you loves the tax deduction though - no worries, we get it all!

  14. Just donated $50 to your RR FSP. Don't tell DH ;-) I also shared on facebook, but I think you saw that.

  15. $100 to sweet girl. <3 Heather

  16. I donated $15 and shared on EVERYONES facebook page! lol!!!

  17. Cool prizes. I donated 10 - am now following your blog and am sharing on FB! Julia Nalle

  18. Just donated $10--

    Carolyn Johnson

  19. I shared on Facebook (Amanda Schipman) and donated $10 for Sweet Girl. Best wishes!

  20. I shared on FB (Jane Ridge) and donated $20 - gave it directly to Rob. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey and all the best to you and your growing family!

  21. I just chipped in $15! Hope the last couple of days go really well!

  22. Sarah Johnson Scott posted on FB and my email is We're your neighbors nd we're looking forward to meeting you! :-)

  23. Chiped in $5. Not much but trying to help a little.

  24. Chiped in $10. Sweet Girl is a cutie!

  25. $20 from me and the little one ;) -Gina

  26. donated, posted on facebook and my blog here my donation could be shown under my married name Deanna Falchook on RR... facebook is and blog is

  27. Donated through RR ($50) any size shirt is fine.
    Professionalmama @ Gmail .com

  28. Shared on FB (erica jenkins), followed the blog and donated $10 thru RR. Blessings on your journey!

  29. I forgot to say that I donated $50, I'd like a medium t-shirt please:)

  30. I just donated $10.00. I wish it could have been more!

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Donated $5 ( wish I could do more) and shared you on FB! Also (which I know this isn't included on prizes!) But praying for you guys and your little one! God Bless!
    Ashley Tucker

  33. I donated and shared!! Best wishes!

  34. Donated $50 via Chip-in and will follow the blog. An adult XL shirt would be great!

  35. Donated $50 thru FSP. FB Julie Vilardo. Would like an adult Lg shirt.

  36. Just donated $20 through the chipin (PP addy is jadenyu at yahoo dot com).

    I also followed your blog (Jessica Rudder).

    Your daughter is adorable, by the way. I hope you can get to her as quickly as possible.

  37. Donated $10 via RR, following your blog, and shared on FB! Stacia is beautiful!!
    You can post this!
    Christina Schye

  38. I prayed for your sweet girl after seeing her on Reece's Rainbow, and I'm so happy you found her! We sent in $20 to help get her home asap. Looks like you are in Winston-Salem? That's my hometown, though we are missionaries in W. Africa now. Our e-mail is (Kevin and Krista Rideout) and I shared about your giveaway on facebook (Krista Joy Rideout) If I don't respond immediately to e-mails, it's likely due to our recurring internet issues here. It comes and goes (one of the joys of West Africa) but we check it daily if it is working... I'll respond as soon as it works!

  39. 1. Followed your blog
    2. Shared on FB (Katie Matthews Bruno)
    3. Donated $10 to your FSP (aukatie at aol dot com)
    Can't wait to read about your travel!

  40. Hi

    We found you via Julia's Micah 6:8 blog and came on over. Just donated $15 to you and wish you all the best in your adoption journey!

    Tom and Heather Vitella

  41. Posted on FB

  42. I shared via Facebook! Wish I could donate, but you are all in my prayers!

  43. Just donated $50. Gave it to Rob at work. Wish you all the best.

  44. I shared via facebook! Good luck! I'm sure you have lots of support via online communities and such, but if you need someone else to talk to who has adopted overseas and didn't have the easiest time let me know. Another one of my friends went through it a few years ago

  45. I shared this on Facebook (Julie Postlewaite) and donated $10. All the best to your family!

  46. I shared on facebook and donated $50! We are so happy for you guys.

    Rachel Kroll
    Be Kind Owner

  47. I donated $6. stonehenge 612 at yahoo

  48. Donated $10 to the FSP :) (if I can find me on FB..this is 'Josie' mama <3

  49. I just Chipped In $10 and will share your story on FB. I saw Rob's post a few days ago and ended up reading the entire blog. Such an amazing thing you are doing. Sweet Girl, Audrey, and Harper are very lucky little ladies to grow up in such a loving home. Good luck with everything! Sterling Bollinger

  50. Shared on fb, donating $50!

  51. I donated $10 to your chip-in and will share via facebook.
    Many blessing on your journey to your beautiful daughter!

  52. I just donated $25 and I shared a link to this blog on Facebook. I wish you guys all the luck in the world. This is an amazing thing that you are doing!

    Michelle Griffin

  53. I just donated $25 and shared a link to this blog on Facebook. I wish you guys all the luck in the world. This is an amazing thing that you are doing.


  54. I gave $10 using the FSP. I hope things go well and I'll share on my facebook wall! Praying for success! Your girl is a doll!

  55. My family donated $50 (wish it could be more). I also shared your blog on my FB page and will keep all of you in our prayers. I don't need a t-shirt if someone else can use it, but I really like the stacking dolls.


  56. I started following your blog and I donated $10 to your chip-in :) I will be praying your beautiful family!

  57. I posted on fb (Brooke Adkins-Kirk) and on my blog ( will follow you blog (Mutant Mama) and donated $10 (kirk_brooke81). May God bless your family and good luck in the last few hours of the giveaway!

  58. Hi Guys, I hope to see the girls next week sometime when we go up for a walk.

    I shared on FB ( Marcus Neal and I followed you guys. I can't wait to meet Sweet Girl.

  59. Craig MontgomeryJune 8, 2012 at 11:25 PM


    I'm glad to share your message on my facebook page and also chipin $50. I'm very impressed with what your doing. God's Blessings to your family.

  60. shared on Facebook! shared on my personal page and on "My Forever Family" - where we encourage people to post their adoption fundraisers =-) God bless!!

  61. Hi! I left a comment about sharing on fb but also just donated $10 - also following you as 'san diego deals and steals' (that is my google acct =-)

    my email is katehamernik 'at' sbcglobal 'dot' net - God bless your family!!

  62. I am following your blog and I donated $60 to your chip in. I would like a size L shirt if possible. :)

  63. Followed your blog, shared on Facebook!

    Kari Robinson
    journeykit (At) aol (dot) com