Thursday, March 22, 2012


So who are we? We are Rob and Jessica. Hmm, that was easy.

How about a little background? Rob is my soulmate, he is my strength, he is my protector, he is the most wonderful father of my children. He is loyal, and devoted. He is stong and quiet. He is so quiet that I doubt he'll ever post on this blog. He is sensitive. He is shy. He is a researcher, and a planner, and a saver. I think his favorite place is playing with his girls or playing in his shop. His favorite presents revolve around tools. He loves to be outside no matter the weather. He loves his family and I love him.

Doesn't he look like all that?

Me.. hmm.. harder. I am Jessica, wife to Rob, mother to Audrey and Harper. I am stubborn, passionate, and shy. I will go out of my way to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations when I can. I want to to make a difference in the world, but don't know how. I love to read, to watch tv. Oh yeah, Rob loves TV too. Especially if it involves Alaska, gold, alligators, cars, or any other random reality tv show. I try to be strong, but sometimes I break down. I am compassionate and will bawl when I read other blogs.

Here I am. I'm rarely not behind the camera so these pictures might be few and far between.

But togther we are just 2 people who love God and our family. And those two things have led us to a sweet girl halfway around the world. And we pray and hope that God sees us fit to be her parents because we're gosh darn going to try to bring her home.

On our last childless vacation

That's good for now, we will get into how we met, our marriage and our sweet girls next!


  1. First to post a comment! I love the layout ;-)

  2. Great to put a face with a name! Nice work on the blog, Jessica.


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